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As a pharmacy professional you deserve the best. That is our standard of quality, the best! Our pharmacists are provided with select shifts, excellent reimbursement for their work and the respect they deserve. Since 1990 our focus has been a long term focus. A great number of our staff have been with us for many years. We understand the different practices of pharmacy. We are sensitive to your needs. Call us with your questions, there is not obligation.

Experienced Pharmacy Technicians are the backbone of the pharmacy. We know this and respect your career. We have employed technicians in many settings. Many have been able to obtain new skills which have resulted in full time positions. Call us with your questions. You may be surprised what is available to experienced technicians.

Opportunities may include:

Hospital shifts checking carts, IV's, general centralized pharmacy mostly weekdays

Long-Term Care checking unit dose meds with shifts available first, second and weekends

Retail shifts in select chains and independent pharmacies with good technician support where appropriate

Who might consider our company?

Pharmacists looking to augment their present salary with select per-diem shifts

Pharmacists looking to re-enter the work force

Retired Pharmacists who wish to work a day or two a week

Management or non-traditional pharmacists who wish to keep their bench skills fresh

Opportunities may include:

Hospital med cart and Pyxis preparation and exchange

Clean Room IV preparation in Home Healthcare and Hospital environments

Full-time, part-time and per diem opportunities in a professional setting

Who works for us?

Technicians who wish to earn some extra income

Technicians who have basic experience in pharmacy and want to expand their career

Technicians with an aptitude and attitude for learning and growth