Professional Pharmacy Personnel, Inc.

Connecticut's Staffing Specialists Since 1990

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When it is time to call a pharmacy staffing agency, we are that call. Your inquiry will be met by staff who understand your needs. One day or long term requests are met with the same enthusiasm. Each request is reviewed by a pharmacist to ensure you will have an appropriately qualified professional for your pharmacy.

Our employees are professional, productive and polite. They are prepared prior to arriving for the requirements and duration of your staffing request. We understand your needs specific to pharmacy and have been servicing Connecticut for 19 years. Call us with your questions and requests.

800-446-1357 in CT

Our staff will:

Be familiar with the appropriate practice of your pharmacy,
i.e. hospital, retail, long-term care, etc...

Understand the need involved in your request for support

Have the ability to work with your staff competently and in a pleasant manor

Be reliable, prompt and productive

Be computer literate and have the ability to adapt to your system quickly

Be attentive to your instructions

Be pre-screened by a pharmacist

Meet federal, state and professional requirements and qualifications

Your request will be filled with staff that are Professional, Productive and Polite